Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rare Batchelder genealogy now available on the library's website

The library has placed a pdf version of the entire book -- "Batchelder/Bachilder genealogy through Rev. Stephen Bachiler's son Stephen Bachilder : (A correction of the work on this family by Pierce" compiled by Charles Batchelder through 1936 ; edited and prepared by Carl W. Brage, 1985 -- on our website at http://www.hampton.lib.nh.us/genealog/batchelder/index.htm

This book contains corrections to many of the extensive errors in the genealogy of the Batchelder family written by Frederick Clifton Pierce in 1898, but until now has only been available in a small number of libraries. It has never been available for sale anywhere. The book only covers descendants of the Rev. Stephen Bachiler's grandson Nathaniel, and only into the 1800s, but it does make many corrections to previously published information.

Due to the large size of the work it has been broken up into five sections for easier download (the largest being 115 megabytes in size), and we also have made available individual pages for those who only need to reference specific parts of the work. Users are free to download copies of this work for their own personal use. Rights to the publication or sale of this book, in digital or printed form, remain with Carl Brage and the Lane Memorial Library.


At 8:59 AM, Blogger glenrose said...

I have downloaded the article by Charles and compared it to the Pierce book that I have. I come down from Stephand thru Reuben to Putney my grandfather. Thank you for putting it on.


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