Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Library

On Sunday the 2nd the library turned 125 years old. The next day we held three events at the library to celebrate. In the afternoon children's musician "Wayne From Maine" entertained a full crowd in the library's Wheaton Lane Room. At 6 o'clock the Friends of the Library hosted a reception for past and present Library Trustees. Twelve were in attendance, as can be seen in the photo here. In front are Dot Gooby (alternate 2002-present), Judy Geller (2000-present), Katie Anderson (1981-1999), Lenore Patton (2000-2005), Sara Casassa (2000-present), Bridgit Valgenti (2005-present), and Jerry McConnell (1990-2000). In back are Linda Sadlock (alternate 2005-present), Jim Inglis (1994-1999), Bob Frese (2005 to present), Judith Straw (1986-1990) and Arthur Moody (1986-1989). [Click the photo for a larger image.)

After the Trustees reception everyone went downstairs to listen to a wonderful concert given by classical guitarist Peter Fletcher. It was another full house and he was very well received.

If you came into the library on Wednesday you may have been treated to a piece of our birthday cake. We had two cake made with photos of the library building in three different eras imprinted into the frosting, as can be seen in these photos.

If you missed the cake you still have plenty of time to enter our raffle. For 125 days, or until August 5th, each time you come to the library you can fill out one raffle ticket to try and win either a $125 gift certificate to the Library Restaurant in Portsmouth (for adults) or 125 quarters (for children). There will also be monthly prizes (to be announced) drawn on the 20th of the next four months.


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