Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stuff Made with a Little Help from the Library

Have you ever used a library book to create or build something? Is it an item that you are proud of and would enjoy showing off? If so, pick up an entry form for our "Stuff Made with a Little Help from the Library" display.

The display is open to Hampton students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

The "stuff" can be anything from crafts to artwork to volcanoes (small ones, that is), to name just a few possibilities. Beading, painting, paper crafts, woodworking, science projects--use your imagination, and I'll bet you can think of something you've made using library books. The only requirements are that the item be small enough to share the display case with other projects, be appropriate for all ages, and, of course, be made with the help of a library book (or books).

The "help" means either inspiration for the original idea or assistance with the how-to part of your creation.

Entry forms are available in the children's room. The deadline for submitting forms is April 14, 2007. The display will go up for the month of May.

Show us how the library has helped you!


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