Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lane Library welcomes guitarist Peter Fletcher

A life-long goal for many musicians is to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Classical guitarist Peter Fletcher has charmed audiences four times at the historic venue, most recently in March of 2010. Fletcher will be bringing his music to the Lane Memorial Library on Friday, September 16th with a free concert that begins at 7:00 PM in the newly re-designed Lane Room Art Gallery. Featuring compositions by Bach, Tarrega, Ravel and Grieg, Fletcher's evocative and beautiful interpretations are sure to delight and entrance all who attend.

Although no stranger to concert halls, Peter enjoys performing at smaller venues such as churches, chapels and libraries, remarking that he is apt to talk more about his music and favorite composers in a library setting. As he himself notes, "I feel like everywhere is unique and I get just as excited about a small concert at a library as I do at a larger booking at a church or even Carnegie Hall. I don't really discriminate between performances. I feel like they're all equally important."

The Lane Room Art Gallery space will officially be open to the community beginning in October, but those who attend the concert will also enjoy a one-night preview of our first show. During October the Library will feature a photographic exhibit of images taken on the streets of Paris in the late 1940s by noted photojournalist Ivan Massar of Concord, MA. Created in his own personal darkroom by the photographer, these beautiful black-and-white prints evoke the romance and nostalgia of the famous City of Lights in the years just after World War II.


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