Monday, January 09, 2012

Weston Gallery - Jan Meades, photographer

Describing herself as a photographer, artist, and writer, Jan Meades loves photographing landscapes, seascapes, flowers, animals, and local events like air shows, fires, winter plunges and horse shows. Her current exhibit in the Weston Gallery at the Lane Memorial Library runs through the end of January, 2012, and includes a selection of prints representing many of these varied interests.

From the artist: "I hope you like the pictures, and the manipulations that artists use to give them more of an individual flavor. It is this way of adding to a scene that makes it interesting, challenging, an fun to enjoy. Having spent my life as an engineer, scientist, and gallery owner, I love this the most."

The library will host an artist reception on Saturday, January 14th at 2 PM, providing a time for the public to meet Jan and discuss her work. More of Jan's images can be viewed on her website at, and she welcomes comments at


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