Thursday, April 12, 2012

Feature Film: "The Muppets"

The Muppets
Thursday, April 19 @ 5:30 pm AND
Saturday, April 21 @ 1 pm

Rated PG

Movies attempting to retrieve cherished nuggets of pop culture often stumble, either by appealing solely to the die-hard minutia enthusiasts or clunking up the batter with unnecessary additions to the base material. (Enough with the human love triangles, get to the giant robots fighting.) Thankfully, this revival of Jim Henson's beloved characters gets the formula delightfully right, providing a googly-eyed nostalgia trip for adults while also retaining the original's sense of bright (and mildly subversive) wonder.  The result is a true family movie that still brings on the blissful, uncomplicated grins days after viewing.  --Andrew Wright

FREE Admission. Water and popcorn are provided courtesy of the Friends of the Lane Memorial Library.


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