Friday, March 14, 2014

Little Kids' Movietime: "Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs", Fri. 3/21

Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs: To Dino World and Back!
Friday, March 21
10 am
Everyday events are far from commonplace in the lives of very young children, instead representing very real challenges and opportunities for growth. In this animated television series, Harry is just an ordinary kid struggling to make sense of things like nightmares, accidents, and childhood frustrations. Like Max and Emmy in Dragon Tales, Harry works out his problems by magically transporting himself into an imaginary world: in this case it's a place called Dino World that's populated by dinosaur friends Taury, Trike, Pterence, Sid, Patsy and Steggy. Harry learns about the power of imagination in "Aaahg!" and works on developing self-confidence and sportsmanship in "Goal." "Overdue" shows just how hard it can be for a child to return a book he really likes to the library and "Nobody's Listening To Me" portrays a child's frustration when everyone is simply too busy to listen. Finally, "Uh Oh!" looks at a child's options when he accidentally breaks something and explores the relative importance of things versus relationships.

These movies and shows are specifically for our preschool set (younger brothers/sisters are welcome). The shows typically run about 1 hour and we provide snacks and comfortable seats for everyone. The kids are welcome to bring blankets/pillows, etc. so they can stretch out on the floor and make themselves comfortable!


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