Friday, November 04, 2005

Happy hours for home-schooled students

What goes on in the Children's Room during the traditional school day? Many preschool children with a parent or grandparent spend happy hours in the room with other friends, reading books, playing with puppets, doing puzzles, or perhaps going to a story time. Children, home from school, stop by to pick up a books, magazines or movies for their day at home on the couch. Children studying……

Many area children are homeschooled and those families use the Lane Memorial Library for the materials they need. On some occasions, we have students spending the day working on school work, researching projects and reading. It may seem unusual to some to see school age children spending hours in the library during the school day, but for the librarians, it is a normal and welcomed occurrence.

If you have not been to the Lane Memorial Library lately, stop by, visit our website, or give us a call. The Library may be the answer, whatever the question.


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