Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lane Library Website Featured in Genealogical Journal

In the latest issue of "New England Ancestors", published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society of Boston, there is an article in the "Computer Genealogist" section titled "Favorite Websites for Tracing New England Ancestors" by Lynn Betlock. They surveyed readers of the Society e-newsletter and included 13 "lesser-known gems" that were favorites of some users. Ours was the 12th listed, and the entry reads:

Cheryl Hoxie of Exeter, New Hampshire, wrote that the Lane Memorial Library of Hampton, New Hampshire, "deserves an award for their online resources." The library's stated goal "is to create a database of all of the people who have lived in Hampton prior to 1900, as well as some after that date... Our goal is to become the primary clearinghouse for information on Hampton genealogy -- a source every genealogist researching Hampton families MUST consult. There is a lot of misinformation out there already in published form, and we hope to be able to put much of that to rest." Genealogists will discover an abundance of records on Hampton families, including a searchable database of over twenty-three trhousand names.

You can start your search of our historical and genealogy information on our website at http://www.hampton.lib.nh.us/hampton/history.htm


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