Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A New Service at the Lane Memorial Library

Samantha Corcoran, a member of the Lane Memorial Library Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is filling a “Feel Better Bag” to be ready to assist with the new program beginning January 3, 2006.

The winter season is historically one of illness and flu. In an attempt to stop the spread of germs at the library take advantage of the “Feel Better Bag” or you can also place holds on our books from home for your library needs. It would be terrible to be sick at home with nothing to read. Let the Lane Memorial Library help make your recovery a little more comfortable.

Beginning on January 3, 2006, the Lane Memorial Library will be offering a special service to the youngest patrons. It will be our “Feel Better Bag.”

Instead of parents bringing a sick child into the library to get a special item to help the little patient to feel better, make a quick call to the children’s room (926-4729) and a bag will be prepared. A pick-up place at the library will be established for your convenience so that you can get your child home as soon as possible.

A theme can be requested for the “Feel Better Bag” so that there will be a fiction and non-fiction book as well as a video. These items will be checked out to the parent and placed in a special bag. Also in the bag will be a coloring page, crayons and a little note. The books and video will be due back in three weeks, but the bag, crayons and coloring page are for our young patron to keep.
Another way to prepare for the flu season is to request books, on-line, from home. The next time that you visit the library, establish a PIN. This PIN will enable you to place a hold on items from home. The library will pull the books that are available and give you a call when they are ready for pick-up. At that time, if they are for a sick child, let us know and we will set up a bag for that child.

For questions or additional information on Children’s Services call 926-4729.


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