Thursday, May 18, 2006

Summer Reading

Summer’s coming – only a month away. This year adult readers will have their own summer program with the Lane’s version of BINGO. Anyone may participate by picking up a READS card (Isn’t it handy that there’s the same number of letters in READS as there is in BINGO?). Each square will have a genre listed. Any time you read something from the genre listed in a square, you have your card stamped. Anyone completing a straight line of topics (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) will receive a small prize. Anyone completing the whole card will be in a drawing for a grand prize – as yet to be determined, but it will be a good one! Darrell Eifert, Head of Adult Services, is working on compiling lists of suggestions for each genre and linking them to our online catalog so that you can quickly find out whether or not a suggested book is in. If it isn’t, you will be able to place a hold on it online and/or find out other suggestions in the same category. Children will be able to participate in their own statewide summer reading program Treasure Reading with many pirate/treasure chest tie-ins. Watch for more information on both programs.


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