Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hampton Teens Become NHSPCA Adoption Angels

This year the Lane Memorial Library tried something different for our teen summer reading program. Rather than focusing on prizes (though we did have some), we asked the teens to read on behalf of the many homeless animals being sheltered and cared for by the NHSPCA. And read they did. Of the 63 sixth through twelfth graders who signed up for the program, 32% participated fully, keeping track of their reading time and submitting tickets to the “Adoption Angels” cans. Each ticket represented three hours of reading time, with some bonus tickets thrown in for reading from a wide variety of genres. During the eight weeks of the program, these Hampton area teens read for nearly 1,000 hours! That’s 60,000 minutes for those readers who prefer to think in smaller time increments. Not bad at all.

Dogs and puppies were the overwhelming favorites among our participants, followed by small animals and then cats. So, thanks to the generous support of the Friends of Lane Memorial Library, the teens have donated $100 to become the proud Adoption Angels of a space in the dog room. That space currently houses Kassie the Coonhound, and will provide for her care during her tenure at the NHSPCA. (We hope she finds a home soon.) Well done!


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