Friday, June 16, 2006

Alice and Joanne Celebrate 20 Years at the Library

Library staff celebrated with fellow staff members Alice Alford and Joanne Mulready as they both have reached 20 years of employment with the library. Alice came here in 1984 as a volunteer in the Children's Room when she was a student at the University of Rhode Island working on her Masters Degree in Library Science. She was employed full time as a teacher at the time in Portsmouth but began working at the library part time in 1986, mostly covering the circulation desk every other Saturday. In 1991 she quit her teaching position and took on additional hours at the library, still working at the circulation desk. In 1996 she began working as a reference librarian, and has been cheerfully assisting Hampton's library patrons at the Reference Desk for nearly ten years now.

Joanne Mulready was working as the volunteer librarian at the Sacred Heart School library when she learned of an opening to work here at Lane in 1986. She was hired and spent several years working the circulation desks both upstairs in the main library and downstairs in the Children's Room. For the past several years she has worked exclusively in the Children's Room as the unofficial assistant Children's Librarian, helping to plan and put on countless story hours, craft programs, summer reading programs and special events for the children of Hampton. She can be found manning the Children's desk five days a week, always ready to befriend a child or cradle an infant while his or her mother picks out books.


At 10:08 PM, Blogger Moroccan Ambassador said...

RE: For the past several years she [Joanne]has worked exclusively in the Children's Room as the "unofficial assistant" Children's Librarian...

After twenty years of service you'd think someone would want to make this official. Joanne, you've got my vote! :-)


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