Thursday, December 14, 2006

Family Read-a-Thon at the Library

Mark your calendars for Thursday, December 28th. Take a break from the end-of-year craziness and spend the day reading in the library. The library's teen advisory board is hosting a read-a-thon! Don't worry: this one isn't even a fund-raiser. It's just an opportunity to discover all that the library has to offer, an excuse to hunker down with a good book or two or twenty, and a way to escape from visiting relatives--oops! I didn't mean to write that!

The read-a-thon is open to all Hampton students and families with young children. We invite you to stay for the whole day or just part of the day, whatever best suits your schedule. Bring your own lunch, please. Beverages, snacks, and dessert provided. When not eating, participants are welcome to sit anywhere in the library. Wear comfy clothes, and feel free to bring sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows to create your own cozy nook in the Lane Room.

The read-a-thon officially runs from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., but everyone is, of course, welcome to use the library whenever its open. Please sign up in advance, so that we know how many pounds of sweets we'll need to get us through the day. Sign up in person in the Children's Room, by phone (926-4729) or by e-mail. (Teens: Please talk to Cheryl about your contributions to this event as soon as possible. Thanks!)

Reading at the library--what a novel idea!


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