Monday, November 26, 2007

Put hobbies on display at the library

Attention, boys and girls of all ages who live in Hampton:
Joanne Mulready, library assistant in the Children’s Room at the library, has a couple of questions she would like to ask.
“Do you have a special collection of bears, dolls, Legos, Star Wars figures, Playmobil, figurines, memorabilia, etc…?” she asks. “Maybe some things you made yourself and would like to share with others?”
If the answer to one or both of these questions is “yes,” says Joanne, then the Children’s Room has just the spot for collectors to “show off.”
“We have a large display case with four good size shelves in the hall downstairs,” says Joanne, “where lots of people can come by and see your very special ‘stuff.’”
In other words, it’s a great opportunity “to put your hobbies on display.”
Those who have an interesting hobby or something to display in the library’s display case can call Joanne Mulready at 926-4729 and have their names added to her list of “neat collectors.”


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