Friday, July 16, 2010

Children's Room Weekly Wrap-Up - 7/16/10

What an exciting week in the Children's Room!! We're about halfway through our big summer reading program "Make A Splash - Read!" with all of the associated events, story times, movies, etc. It's been a little crazy down here in the basement this week. We had a full house for Martha Dana's Puppet Show on Wednesday - 150 people in the Lane Room! Miss Paulina has been having a great time with her drop-in storytime (16 people today!) and another 26 came in to chow on brownies and enjoy the air conditioning while we watched Monsters, Inc. Eeek!

Signups are under way for our next event: Peter Sheridan (singer/storyteller) on Wed., July 21 @ 10:30 a.m. You can drop by or call the Children's Room at 926-4729 to sign up. We still have plenty of space available for both shows!

We have a special guest next week - Miss Kathy Faulkingham will be running a toddler playgroup on Tuesday morning at 10. Bring your little ones in (up to 3 yrs. old) and let them run around the Lane Room or play with some of our puppets or puzzles. Maybe we can even talk Miss Kathy into reading a story or two! ;0) Our drop in storytime will be on Friday at 10 and keep an eye out for next week's email about our Friday Movie Matinees. Don't forget to bring your kids by to turn in their reading logs - we've got lots of prizes and tickets for everyone to cash in on!


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