Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Endangered Books: A Tale of Weeding Woes

Santa Claus in Baghdad Larklight Keturah and Lord Death We are constantly adding new and exciting items to the library collection.  This is what keeps the collection current and interesting.  If we only added to the collection, we'd quickly run out of room, though, so occasionally, we also have to "weed" the collection.  The thing is, books need to prove themselves worthy of taking up space on the shelves.  I am currently in the midst of a weeding project for the Teen Collection.  Some titles are easier to weed than others.  I've been around for long enough to have purchased some of the titles that are coming up on my weeding list, so I have a personal attachment to them.  Others are titles that were well-loved 10, 20, 30 years ago, and did well for awhile, but have been languishing on the shelf for years, now, without being checked out.

I have created an Endangered Books Cart.  It is located by the window in the Teen Area.  These are the books headed for the book sale.  Many of these books are wonderful.  Some, not so much.  They all deserve one last chance, though.  The Endangered Books Cart will be there until Friday, October 25.  If the books are still on the cart at that point, these books are destined for our Book Sale.  (Rest assured that I have no intention of just throwing books away.)  However, if any of these books are checked out, then they will have earned a reprieve.  So, here's my entreaty.  Take a look at the cart.  See if there's something you've been meaning to read, something that looks like your kind of book, an old favorite that you want your child to read....  Use your library card to save a book.  Check it out!


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