Monday, June 30, 2014

Teen Services: Water Balloon Kickball!

Q: What is water balloon kickball?
A: An excuse to play kickball and throw water balloons. 

We have a bunch already signed up! You can sign up too!
Please remember to bring your waiver.
  Open to ages 12-18 years.
Parents and children (ages 9-11) are invited to participate as well if teams are short players. 

Our first game is July 7th! 

Participation in Water Balloon Kickball will earn teens age 12-18 raffle tickets for our end of summer drawing.  
Rules of Water Balloon Kickball

 Water balloons
  • Each team will get a set number of water balloons to use at their discretion.  
  • Balloons may be thrown at a runner in between bases with no penalty or out.
  • Runners who move from the base and are hit with a water balloon are out.
  • At the end of a full game, players have 1 minute to use all remaining water balloons or forfeit 1 point per every 5 balloons left.

  • Water balloons are not to be thrown at people's faces.
  • All fielders and kickers must have footwear, bare-feet are not allowed. 
  • Games end after six (6) full innings or 50 minutes. One extra inning is played if score is tied and time remains. A game can end in a tie.
  • There is a 3-Run per inning limit for all innings. No slaughter rule.   

Pitching / catching
  •  A pitch must roll on the ground when passing over the plate.
  •  Strike zone is 1 foot inside and outside of home plate. Bouncing balls are balls. Umpire determines if strike or not.
  • The pitcher must stay behind the pitching strip until the ball is kicked.  Failure to abide by this rule results in a ball.
  • No player may field in front of the pitcher other than the catcher, and no player may advance past the 1st- 3rd base diagonal until the ball is kicked. Failure to abide by this rule results in a ball.
  •  The catcher must field directly behind the kicker and may not cross home plate nor be positioned forward of the kicker before the ball is kicked. Failure to abide by this rule results in a ball.
  • A pitch outside the strike zone is a ball.
  • Balls must be pitched by hand.
  • A player’s foot or leg must make all kicks.
  • All kicks must be behind home plate. The kicker may step on home plate to kick.
  • No Bunting is allowed. Umpire determines bunt call. A bunt is called an out.


  • Runners must stay within reason of the base line.
  • No sliding or running into a fielder. No contact is allowed…the runner is out if the runner initiates contact or runner is safe if fielder initiates contact.
  • Fielders must stay out of the base line. Runners hindered by any fielder within the base line, not making an active play for the ball, shall be safe at the base to which they were running.
  • Runners may Tag-Up after a kicked ball is caught by the defense to advance to the next base.
  • Runners may overrun first base.
  • Running past another runner is not allowed. Any runner passed by another runner is out.


  • Three (3) strikes is an out.
  • A strike is:
  • A pitch within the strike zone that is not kicked;
  • An attempted kick missed by the kicker inside or outside of the strike zone


  • Three (3) balls walk the kicker to first base
  • A pitch outside of the strike zone as judged by the Umpire where a kick is not attempted
  • An illegal bouncing pitch
  • Any fielder or pitcher advancing on home plate before the ball is kicked
  • Any catcher crossing home plate before the kicker or failing to field behind the kicker

Foul ball

  •  A foul counts as a strike
  • Three (3) fouls is an out. (1 foul after having two strikes is an out)
  •  A foul is:
  • A kick landing in foul territory;
  • A kick that goes foul prior to passing 3rd or 1st base & not touched by a player.


  • Three (3) outs by a team complete the team’s half of the inning.
  • Three (3) strikes, three (3) fouls, or fouling with 2 strikes
  • Runner touched by the ball while not on base & the ball is in play;
  • A fielder can throw a ball at a runner below the shoulders. Runners hit in the neck or head with the ball will not be out unless they were ducking to dodge the ball…Play stops and the ball is dead after hitting a base runner and being declared out.
  • A kicked ball (fair or foul) that is caught in the air
  • A ball thrown to fielder touching base beats the runner who is forced to run;
  • A runner off of his/her base when the ball is kicked

Play ends:

  • When the pitcher has the ball in control and on the mound.
  • A runner intentionally touches or stops the ball (the runner is out)
  • Interference is when any non-fielder, runner, or non-permanent object touches the ball. Any time there is interference, play automatically ends and runners proceed to the base to which they were headed.


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