Thursday, October 12, 2006

Teen Read Week, October 15-21

A Teen Read Week Challenge
For Hampton Students in Grades 6 through 12

Have you ever seen a librarian with pink hair? Would you like to? Or would you prefer green? How about pink and green stripes?

Here’s the deal: I hereby challenge all Hampton students in grades 6-12 to find time to read for fun during Teen Read Week 2006 (October 15-21). If you meet that challenge, I will (temporarily) dye my hair pink, green, or both pink and green.

I know you are all busy with school, sports, friends, work, tormenting your parents, and other perils of youth, so I’m betting that I’m pretty safe with my natural hair color. Care to prove me wrong?

If so, read. Read for fun throughout the week of October 15-21, 2006. Read anything you’d like and stop by the children’s room of Lane Memorial Library to put a penny in the jar for each page of fun reading you complete during the week. Don’t have a penny? Don’t worry, we’ll have a stash of pennies ready for you. If you put a penny in the jar, you’ll also get a vote for the hair color of your choice. Come to the library once, twice, every day that week, whatever—if there are at least 600 pennies in the jar at the end of the week, then I’ll show up for work on Monday, October 23, with pink, green, or striped hair. Promise.

The only requirement is that you read for fun, not for school or for work, but just because you feel like reading. Beyond that, you can read anything you choose, from novels to nonfiction, comic books to dictionaries, newspapers to cereal boxes (one box = one page). If you enjoy reading technical manuals, read them. If your preference is for chick lit, read that. Online reading counts, too: articles, blogs, wikis, even e-mail. Even if you read only one page for fun during the week, that one page could be the one that pushes the total to 600 and wins the challenge. So, read, have fun, and be honest, and you just might see a librarian with pink hair (or green hair, or pink and green hair).



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