Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Digital TV Conversion Seminar Oct. 25th.

Did you know that your TV will stop working on February 17th, 2009? That is to say, your analog television with a set-top or outside antenna will no longer function after television stations cease regular broadcasting and switch to digital-only broadcasting in February of next year. In order to free up parts of the airwaves for police and emergency personnel, television broadcasting is moving from an old standard – known as “analog” – to a new digital standard. If your television is connected to cable, satellite, or other pay television service, chances are you will not be affected.

If however, you receive television signals from an inside or outside antenna, or would like to explore the option of free high-definition television reception through a standard antenna hook-up, join us at the Lane Memorial Library on Saturday, October 25th at 3:00 PM for an informative presentation by Rick Reynolds on the coming changes in digital broadcast television. As a Radio Shack affiliate, he will explain the technology behind the change-over, as well as demonstrate how to use a converter box with analog televisions that will allow the older sets to continue working with the new digital signals. He will also explain how to obtain free $40 vouchers that may be applied towards the purchase of these converters.

For more information, contact Darrell Eifert at the Lane Library (926-3368) or go to the official government broadcasting agency site at


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