Thursday, February 05, 2009

10 Ways Your Library Can Save You Money

10 Ways Your Library Can Save You Money

1. Free books! Why purchase them if you can borrow them for free? Or if you want to preview a book before purchasing, check them out at the library first.

2. Free DVDs! Take a break from rental costs and borrow our DVDs for free. We not only have the latest movies, we have indie films and television series as well.

3. Recipes – cooking at home saves money. Come check out some cookbooks for new ideas.

4. Tax help – our AARP Tax Volunteers will prepare and e-file your personal taxes for free.

5. Read your favorite magazines online. If your subscriptions are up for renewal and you’re on the fence about paying for another year, check out our online magazine database. Thousands of popular magazines are available for free.

6. Free internet and wi-fi access. Make your own travel arrangements, keep in touch with family and friends, research, or just have fun. A great way to escape the heat or cold for an hour.

7. Attend our great programs. Children’s story hours are ongoing. We also have a knitting group, book groups, and other activities for adults.

8. Find a new job or learn a new skill. We have a variety of books on writing resumes and cover letters, interviewing, and exploring your next career. Or go a step further and learn how to start your own business.

9. Learn a language! The library has CDs for learning new languages, from French and Spanish to Japanese and Tagalog.

10. Don’t spend your money! Come to the Lane Memorial Library and shop our shelves. It’s a great alternative to recreational shopping.


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